Where did all the books go?

An image of a pale, elf like woman in a sleek gown with long white hair. She is wearing gold jewelry and carrying an Anglo Saxon sword
Athanasia, the Mother of Immortals from the series, The World of the Elysians

Where did they go? You can’t find them on Amazon, or Apple Books, Kobo, Google or anywhere. So where did they go? There’s an answer. They’re gone! Poof. Bye!

But why?

Now that answer is a little more complex. The largest reason? They weren’t great. I love the characters. I love the world, but I can do better. Renee and I began this writing journey by dipping our toes into Paranormal Regency Romance. This is not a genre I’m familiar with at all and, frankly, had no business writing in. Do I think this set back makes me any less of a writer? Of course not. These characters and this world are wonderful. They were my escape for a long time, and I hope for those of you who found me through the World of the Aegeans that they were an escape for you, too.

If you never read the books, have no fear. They’re making a comeback. We’re rebranding and focusing on fantasy.

Can you hear the choir singing? I can. Fantasy is my genre. It got me through school; it got me through college. I am so excited to build a fantasy world using the heritage seeds we have left from the World of the Aegeans. The new world is similar; the same characters inhabit it, if for different reasons and with different backgrounds. I have put hours into studying history to give the most accurate historical fantasy that is possible. However, something very important to me is that we still maintain a diverse cast and that our lgbt representation is still strong. For this, we’re using alternative history as the genre as opposed to purely historical. It’s still accurate to history, with a ton of research backing it up, but more accessible and more colorful.

We’re beginning the series overhaul back in Anglo Saxon Britannia, with a world filled with Elysians — mythical creatures from beyond the veil between our worlds. As of the current moment, we have written two books and have we planned ten books for the new series, including all new covers, interior illustrations, and so much more.

I’m so excited about this project and can’t wait to share it with you!